Fabric Range

Rollershades Systems

Weathermaster Rollershades offer the ultimate in traditional value, style and hard-wearing durability. Combine sophisticated technology within a variety of revolutionary fabrics allow the ultimate in light, glare and heat control from blockout, Sunscreen to light filtering.

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Vertical Blinds

Weathermaster Vertical Blinds are a practical option for most windows; the E.O.S Vertical Blind Track System is the most flexible solution for large, sloping and irregular shaped windows and offers perfect light protection with a 200º vane closure to ensure minimal light gaps between blades.

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Panel Glides

Perfect for large glazed areas, Weathermaster Panel Glide is ideally suited to modern home design and commercial applications. Panel Glide features flat panels of fabric attached to a simple headrail track system using roller-mounted carriers, light and easy to operate the fabric panels are drawn sideways using either a cord or wand operation.

Roman Blinds

The classic look of Weathermaster Roman Blinds creates casual ambiance to any decor. By combining the classic look of the traditional Roman Blinds with modern fabrics and technology Weathermaster offer a contemporary window covering that is both stunning and totally functional.

Pleated Blinds

The Weathermaster range of pleated blinds provide true style and versatility. Pleated blinds not only provide privacy, sun and light control, they look stunning in any setting from traditional through to easy living and ultra-modern.

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